The TRAined Driving System

Online TRAining

Online Training PDS uses one of the world’s top web-based driver risk management solutions to provide leading edge technology for driver e-learning. The program will combine the power of the classroom and in car experience followed up by on-line defensive driving to give your fleet drivers an ongoing reminder of best practices on the road throughout the year. By combining monthly on-line training to classroom and on-road training, it vastly reduces collision rates and liability exposure.

Classroom TRAining

ClassroomThis engaging 4-hour class is designed for experienced drivers with a focus on risk-reduction techniques. Reduce liability by ensuring that you and your drivers are aware of current laws, technology, and collision avoidance skills. --read more


Closed Course, Fleet Assessment and Evaluation

Driving Course Experience emergency driving situations in a safe and secure setting. This is the ideal way to learn proper collision-avoidance skills. Out on the streets, there is no “second chance” to correct mistakes.    --read more


Xtreme Driver Control Course

Skid Car CourseOregon Driving Education Center (ODEC) and the Tactical Response Academy (TRA) will be providing a unique driver training session for both novice and experienced drivers. --read more


On-Road TRAining and Assessments

On Road Training and AssessmentTRAined drivers are prepared to meet the challenges of real world driving conditions.  On-road training and assessments allow our instructors to evaluate the individual driving habits of each vehicle operator and make appropriate recommendations.  The results are remarkable, reducing collisions by up to 75%!

Recreational Vehicle Confidence TRAining Course

Recreational Vehicle TrainingA 2-hour classroom session on basic recreational driving principles. After the classroom portion of the training students may sign up for closed course testing with their own RV.


Vehicle Usage Policy and Driver Safety Manual

Usage ManualWe have developed a Vehicle Usage Policy and Driver Safety Manual to assist companies provide safety information for employees. These manuals are available for a nominal fee. The pdf file is a generic version while the MSWord document may be downloaded, customized and adjusted to better fit the needs of your company.

Custom Training

Customized TrainingTactical Response Academy can customize just about any type of driver training that you may require. Call 503-588-8076 for details.


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